Saturday, March 26, 2005


Gabe, I was so happy to hear that you got in touch with Kayle's brother.  I hope and pray that he hears from her soon and that she calls you.

Well, its official, I am now a full time mom, and totally unemployed!  I'm already worrying about the loss of $, but I'm so excited about being able to cook again, and the kids will actually be able to go out and play after school!   We can do things this summer that we haven't done since we moved here... I think this will work out well.

It snowed again today, it was beautiful and I took my new camera out this morning to get some pictures.  Okay, the camera is definitely intended for someone way smarter than me but I'm determined to figure it out.  Fortunately I can easily delete the wasted shots and it doesn't cost me any money.

I hope you can call tomorrow, the kids are excited to talk to you.  They've been dying Easter eggs this evening.  I was helping and now my fingers are all blue, it looks like I've been digging a smurf's nose or something.  This better come off!

Hey, guess what... I can sleep in tomorrow!  Yipee!  Happy Easter.

Miss you, love you!


Monday, March 21, 2005

NO, NO, NO.... NO!


   I love hearing from you, but Dude, you have to start giving me Happy news, not this depressing stuff!  Happy news only!  Happy news = coming home for 2 weeks in June.  Not Happy News = going to Iraq in September!  No more of that stuff, okay?

   Any how... if you must go in September... I hope that you will at least be able to come home during the summer.  Oh Gabe, this is breaking my heart, you do know that, right?  I think I liked it better when you were working in the boobie bar.  People don't die at boobie bars.  My son was not in danger at the boobie bar. 

   Well, supper is ready, its lasagna tonight.  I'm off to eat.  Miss you, love you...


Friday, March 18, 2005

AN ADDRESS... finally!


As usual it was great to hear your voice.  And you sound so happy, that really makes my heart happy.  Do you know what would make me even happier?  If you were to WRITE!  You do remember the address don't you?  Thats okay, I'll send it to you now that I have an address.

Your baby brother Art had a concert last night.  The band is entering a contest in April so this was like a formal dress rehersal with a couple of critics present to offer a critique.  And let me just say that the band was awesome!  I have never heard such precision in an ameature group... they were awesome!  Really!  I had goosebumps, and there were tears in my eyes!  I'm so proud of Art.  I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but he was sitting way in the back.  He's playing the French horn now, wouldn't that figure that after we scrape up enough money to buy him his own insturment he changes from the flute to the French horn?  Oh well, he's great, so I don't mind.

We're going to Denver on Saturday for the Pow Wow.  Wish you could go with us.  It was so nice last year with you and Kayle, you were such a sweet couple.  Oh great, now I'm going to start crying all over again.  I'll be honest Gabe, I'm still hoping she will call or send pictures of the baby.  I wonder if she knows that she's broken an old lady's heart.  Well, I suppose if you've gotten over it then so should I.  I'm trying, but its not easy.

Big Red is suffering from a relapse.  Don't know whats wrong just yet, dad is taking her back to the shop to see what they think.  I've already gone through a tank of gas and I've only driven 104 miles... that tank used to take me 200 miles.  And yesterday the Check Engine light came on, and it won't go off.  I'm worried.  Guess I'll be driving the Pontiac for a while.  I WANT BIG RED!

Iguess its time to shower... before you start smelling me clear over on that side of the country.  One more week... one more week! Woo hoo!

Miss you, Love you!


Wednesday, March 16, 2005



Gabe,  I am so happy to hear that you got to keep your primary MOS.  I know how disappointed you were when they were considering a change before you even got started.  Learn to go with the flow though (wow, hows that for a rhyme?) At the very least you get more experience and it all works out in the end.  Everyone at work sends their love and support.  You need to send me your mailing address cos they're all bugging me.  Buddy, I'll warn you, you're probably going to get bombarded with all kinds of care packages.  There are so many people who are just looking for a way to show the military their support.  I'm so proud of our country right now, the people that is.  I'm still wary of the politicians, but the people are behind the troops in a way that I wish the country had been back when Vietnam was going on.  Oh well, spilt milk.

One more week after this week and I'll be unemployed.  I have all kinds of visions of a clean house and hot meals, but only time will tell.  Back in your baby days, when I was at home we always had hot meals, but truth be known, I've never been one to keep a clean house.  Lets see... lets do the the math... my house hasn't been clean for 20 years!  Who knows... this may be the year!  Or not!

The Denver March pow wow is this weekend.  We're driving up on Saturday morning.  We're going in the Hemi, Big Red hasn't been broken in yet.  I still have about 400 miles to go before I can driver her above 55 mph.  I'm a little concerned by her slow acceleration, the engine sure has to work before I can get up to speed.  She has no trouble maintaining the speed, and its a smooth ride, it just seems like the engine is working harder than it should.

Well, I need to get the kids lunch money for them.  Next week is Spring Break for them.  I feel so bad, I should have thought of it when I was submitting my resignation so I would be home during the break... as it is they will have to be indoors Mon-Thur while I'm at work.  We'll have to do something special on Friday.

Well, let me try this again.  Miss you, love you.... WRITE!

Love Mom

Tuesday, March 8, 2005



I can't tell you how good it was to hear your voice this morning.  I've been worried about you since your conversation with your dad.  I'm glad things aren't the way he thought they were. Its too bad that they're considering changing your MOS, but being a truck driver isn't that bad, and you can still change your MOS back once there is an opening.  Check with your dad and he can tell you where you need to go, but it takes time sweetie.  Everything takes time.  Do what you have to do, but do it well.  It will all work out in the end.  Just ALWAYS give it your best in no matter what you do and you'll do good.  You'll find that if you are willing to help out and pull your weight, others will be willing to help you as well.

I think I may have brought the flu home from work.  We have so many people out with it, and then yesterday I woke up feeling horrible.  Dad and Rocky are feeling pretty beat up as well, but so far we're coping okay and nobody is calling in for a sick day... yet!  I'm actually feeling much better than I was last night.  Maybe its passing (knock on wood!).

Well, I better finish getting ready for work.  Have a good day son, and be patient.  It will all work out.

Miss you, love you.


Monday, March 7, 2005


Hey Gabe, 

Whats up buddy?  Your dad was really upset by your phone call yesterday.  Don't get impatient now, you've come so far, and you've set your goal, but its not going to happen overnight.  You have to learn how to be a soldier before you can go out there and actually BE a soldier.  Just passing basic training doesn't make you a full fledged soldier.  There is so much you have yet to learn... IMPORTANT things that can mean the difference between success and failure, or even life or death.  Slow down son, the time will come soon enough, but you have to be prepared.  You will do nobody any good by rushing in with good intentions alone.  Take the time, train all you can, listen and learn!  You don't have to be a hero, but if you must, then do it right.  Start from the ground floor and work your way up.  You will probably have to do things you don't like doing, things that have nothing to do with what you signed up for, but it all goes together.  Stop thinking about the air medals and start thinking about the mission. Like I said, your time will come soon enough.  Don't be so eager for War son, its not all glory, its a horror I personally I hope you never have to witness.

Love you always,


Wednesday, March 2, 2005


I just love this picture of you and Spencer, you guys look so professional.  (but we know better, don't we!)  I hope your new unit is a good one.  And remember, take care of those who are with you... always... especially those who aren't as strong as you.  Sooooo, when do I get to call you 'Corporal'?  Then its 'Seargent', and so on and so forth... until its 'Mr. President'.  Oh heck no, the world will never be ready for that.  I'll settle for baby steps for now... Private Navakuku!  (did you know there hasn't been a Pvt Navakuku in 25 years?)

Missing you already, all my love,