Thursday, July 27, 2006


Dear Gabe,

Guess what came in the mail for you today, a jury summons!  Shall I call the court house and tell them that you are other wise occupied?

Walmart is having a balloon release in memory of Bobby from ICS.  Do you remember her?  She was the small, hard working lady from the back rooms.  She used to boss the cart pushers around a lot, hehehehe.  Any how she died on Friday from lung cancer.  She's being buried in her hometown out east, so we are having a memorial for her today at the store. 

I took the girls to the thrift store to find something for the Renaissance Festival.  Funny how we set out in search of suitable stuff for pirate costumes and came home with fairy princess dresses!  I hope the weather holds out, we've still had rain almost every day.  It would really suck if it rained on Sunday while we are at the fair.

Let us know as soon as you get a firm date so I can let everyone know.  Be safe son.  Miss you, love you always.


Saturday, July 22, 2006


Dear Gabe,

Its one thing to look through the pictures you and your buddies took there in Iraq, but its a whole different ball game to see pictures someone else has taken of you in that very dangerous part of the world.  Its weird, at first I was excited when I saw your unit printed underneath the pictures.  After turning a few pages I realized that I was holding my breath, wanting to see more, and yet not wanting to at the same time.  The captions took my breath away 'running for cover', 'taking fire'.  I found myself cussing at the unseen enemy.

And then I saw this picture, a familiar face in the collage of war.  Beneath the dust and camouflage, beyond the hardness of a soldier I saw my son, and I couldn't have been more proud.

Be safe, be strong, and hurry home.

Love you always,


Sunday, July 16, 2006


Dear Gabe,

I've got to stop watching the news.  Its so hateful lately.  The recent escalation of hostilities between Israel and Lebanon worries me, as it should everyone on this planet.  Korea is another concern.  I worry for the future and what is in store for us if peaceful solutions are not found soon.  And I worry that you will be caught up in it all.

For now, know that there are so many prayers being sent your way from those of us who care for you and your buddies.  Please be careful, and hurry home.

Love always,


Friday, July 14, 2006


Dear Gabe,

The excitement is just building over at the unit boards as the families are starting to prepare for the homecoming.  I'm so jealous reading about the many planned events, jealous because I won't be there at the hangar holding up a banner as your plane taxi's in.  Do you think they can make a stop over here in Colorado?  Just a short one...

But you know what, having you back in the good ole USA is good enough for me.  Its time to pass the baton off to someone else, I'm ready to turn over the watch.  God bless those who will replace you and your buddies.  God watch over them, and give their families the strength to endure for they are about to embark on a very difficult journey for both those in harms way and those who wait behind.

Be safe son, be always alert and come home soon.  Love you with all my heart,


Tuesday, July 4, 2006


Happy Independence Day Gabe!

Colorado is on a burn ban so all private fireworks were banned as well.  It was so bad that Collins Fireworks didn't even set up there stands anywhere in town.  All that people could buy were party poppers.  Even sparklers were outlawed.  Needless to say that didn't stop some people, but it wasn't a big deal since it rained pretty hard earlier in the afternoon and then later this evening.  We had planned to go to Fort Carson's firework show yesterday but it rained pretty hard just before the show so we decided to stay home.  We went to the Broadmoor this evening,  they have a nice show and we will probably go there next year as well.

Rocky came home this afternoon after being camping with her friend's family.  I missed her but I didn't miss the fighting between her and Becca.  I have to say that your two sisters have pretty much been inseperable since she came home.  Its nice to be back together again.  All thats missing is you.

We're going to celebrate Zack's birthday at the Renaissance Festival.  We're going during the last weekend of July.  Yes, the kids will all be dressed up again.  Pirates of Caribbean 2 opens on Friday so we'll be going to see it then, sort of getting us in the mood. 

Wow, its still raining outside.  I love the sound of rain.

We visited the eagles' nest yesterday and again today.  The babies are learning to fly.  One is doing very well, but the other doesn't fly much.  Closer examination of the pictures we took reveal a wound on the top of its head.  Dad will keep an eye on it, and let the guys at the wildlife office know if it needs any help.

Your cousin Steven should be on his way home to Aunty Val and Uncle Ken's for his leave.

Dad sends his love and says to stay alert and safe.  Miss you so much.  Love you always,