Friday, March 18, 2005

AN ADDRESS... finally!


As usual it was great to hear your voice.  And you sound so happy, that really makes my heart happy.  Do you know what would make me even happier?  If you were to WRITE!  You do remember the address don't you?  Thats okay, I'll send it to you now that I have an address.

Your baby brother Art had a concert last night.  The band is entering a contest in April so this was like a formal dress rehersal with a couple of critics present to offer a critique.  And let me just say that the band was awesome!  I have never heard such precision in an ameature group... they were awesome!  Really!  I had goosebumps, and there were tears in my eyes!  I'm so proud of Art.  I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but he was sitting way in the back.  He's playing the French horn now, wouldn't that figure that after we scrape up enough money to buy him his own insturment he changes from the flute to the French horn?  Oh well, he's great, so I don't mind.

We're going to Denver on Saturday for the Pow Wow.  Wish you could go with us.  It was so nice last year with you and Kayle, you were such a sweet couple.  Oh great, now I'm going to start crying all over again.  I'll be honest Gabe, I'm still hoping she will call or send pictures of the baby.  I wonder if she knows that she's broken an old lady's heart.  Well, I suppose if you've gotten over it then so should I.  I'm trying, but its not easy.

Big Red is suffering from a relapse.  Don't know whats wrong just yet, dad is taking her back to the shop to see what they think.  I've already gone through a tank of gas and I've only driven 104 miles... that tank used to take me 200 miles.  And yesterday the Check Engine light came on, and it won't go off.  I'm worried.  Guess I'll be driving the Pontiac for a while.  I WANT BIG RED!

Iguess its time to shower... before you start smelling me clear over on that side of the country.  One more week... one more week! Woo hoo!

Miss you, Love you!



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