Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Dear Gabe,
AOL is shutting down all of the journals and I along with everyone else has been evicted. This is my new blog. Not too bad, they let me keep the title. It's just going to be a real booger transferring all of the pictures over.
I haven't spoken to Kimmie since the beginning of the month but Kayle's already left a voice mail. I suppose I'm avoiding them both because I'm really not sure what to say. I know what I want to say but I'm pretty sure it's not what I should say.
Mesa Ridge has made it to the State Finals again. The marching band is currently 2nd in their class and 6th overall in State. Needless to say Rocky is so pumped, this being her 1st year. Tomorrow is the regionals. Basically they just have to show up, they've already made the cut. I have the day off so I'll be able to watch them perform their field show for the first time. I'll also be going to cheer them on at State at the end of the month.
Zack got a job with some construction crew in Florence. It's 42 miles one way so he'll probably be moving to an apartment there in town as soon as he can locate one. Hopefully he'll have a car by this weekend. Bert D. is selling his daughter's car for a good price so Zack will be able to get around on his own finally. He just finished up a gig with the company in Utah and will probably be doing another one down in New Mexico in the spring. It's hard work but he seems to like it.
Oh snarky, I'm supposed to be taking dad's cell phone and lunch out to him. Gotta fly. Miss you so much son. Be safe!
Love Always,