Wednesday, March 16, 2005



Gabe,  I am so happy to hear that you got to keep your primary MOS.  I know how disappointed you were when they were considering a change before you even got started.  Learn to go with the flow though (wow, hows that for a rhyme?) At the very least you get more experience and it all works out in the end.  Everyone at work sends their love and support.  You need to send me your mailing address cos they're all bugging me.  Buddy, I'll warn you, you're probably going to get bombarded with all kinds of care packages.  There are so many people who are just looking for a way to show the military their support.  I'm so proud of our country right now, the people that is.  I'm still wary of the politicians, but the people are behind the troops in a way that I wish the country had been back when Vietnam was going on.  Oh well, spilt milk.

One more week after this week and I'll be unemployed.  I have all kinds of visions of a clean house and hot meals, but only time will tell.  Back in your baby days, when I was at home we always had hot meals, but truth be known, I've never been one to keep a clean house.  Lets see... lets do the the math... my house hasn't been clean for 20 years!  Who knows... this may be the year!  Or not!

The Denver March pow wow is this weekend.  We're driving up on Saturday morning.  We're going in the Hemi, Big Red hasn't been broken in yet.  I still have about 400 miles to go before I can driver her above 55 mph.  I'm a little concerned by her slow acceleration, the engine sure has to work before I can get up to speed.  She has no trouble maintaining the speed, and its a smooth ride, it just seems like the engine is working harder than it should.

Well, I need to get the kids lunch money for them.  Next week is Spring Break for them.  I feel so bad, I should have thought of it when I was submitting my resignation so I would be home during the break... as it is they will have to be indoors Mon-Thur while I'm at work.  We'll have to do something special on Friday.

Well, let me try this again.  Miss you, love you.... WRITE!

Love Mom


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