Thursday, January 31, 2008




                I have been in a decent mood lately, a little bit jumpy, but I'm okay.  I've been with Jon for a while now and I keep telling myself not to get to close, but I get pulled into him so easily.  Heh, it's going to be a year for knowing him and seven months of dating him.  He's been getting me back into ICP, at the beggining I wasn't a big fan of it.  School, it has been interesting for me.  I'm actually failing two classes and I have slipped so bad, but Jon got me back on track.  Which is kinda of funny because he won't let me help him.  I'm so happy about my credits though, I'm officially a junior!  This is amazing!  Most of my friends who have straight A's are still counted as Sophmores, I think it's funny.  ^.^  Well hey, I'm singing at Winter Ball!  It's absolutely AMAZING!  It's a Masquarde ball, so I get to dress up and be Gorgeous for the night.  Smile! BE HAPPY!  I've gotten into the habbit to were if the Carebear you gave me is not on my bed, I can not sleep.  It's the closest thing I have of you I know of. 


Not to make you sad, but yesterday, I went with Jon to a Cementary, for he had just recently lost a friend of his and wanted to visit her grave.  It was no big deal for me, or so I thought.  Until I found out it was the same Cementary where Nolan is and just two blocks from his Tombstone.  I couldn't even step out of the van 'till Jon grabbed my hand and told me it was going to be okay.  I kept looking towards the tombstone though, and kept silent.  But Geese were there and it made me feel real good.  Nature was about his area, as usual.  Bandi's ashes are over there too, so he isn't alone.  Heh, I remeber when we got Bandi and put her on your legs and she would bite at your leg hairs.  That was funny, because you didn't kick her off so you couldn't chase us until you pulled her off.  Or when she hide in the couch cushions and bite at our butts or back.  Haha, or putting tape on her feet then placing her on a hard flooring.  Then her stashings of fruit loops and what ever else she loved.  Hehe, those were good times. 


Well, I must be off, I have school. 

Love you Bro!  Miss you, COME HOME!