Thursday, November 22, 2007

WISH YOU WERE HERE, but thankful just the same...

Dear Gabe,

I can't tell you how nice it was to hear your voice on the phone this afternoon.  I'm glad you had a nice meal.  I told the kids about you tasting the big fake cake and leaving a gouge in the frosting.  They got a kick out of that.

The kids all helped out with the cooking and they did awesome.  Becca made the pumpkin pies from scratch, even the crust!  Art did the maple squash (very delicious!), Rocky did a perfect batch of homemade mashed potatoes and giblet gravy, and Zack did a batch of homemade biscuits (of course!)  Dad did the deep fried turkey.  And I did the corn (homemade - from scratch of course!) and I also did the dishes!  Actually I supervised the whole production.  It would have been so much easier and faster if I had done it all myself, but what fun would that be?

I really have to finish the dishes so I can get to bed.  I have to work in the morning.  You know how crazy the dad after Thanksgiving can be.  Fortunately I work in back with the local grocery deliveries so I don't have to deal with that craziness.  Thank goodness!

Happy Thanksgiving son. Miss you so much. Stay safe.

Love always,


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Dear Gabe,

Another Thanksgiving without you, and yet so much more to be thankful for.  Looking ahead I know that you will still be over there for even one more holiday season still.  I hope you don't lose faith in these traditions.  They are yours to pass on down to your sons when you are reunited.  In the meantime, I hope you get to share a nice meal with friends over there and reflect on things you yourself are thankful for.

The kids don't know it yet but they will be doing much of the cooking tomorrow and Friday.  I don't know how many more holidays we will all be together so they may as well learn how to cook for them now.  That really isn't a big deal since they all know how to cook and enjoy it.  Nope, the big deal will be getting them to help with the clean up afterwards!

We're doing our Harvest Feast on Friday but we won't be having anyone over like we used to.  I have to work and won't have time to cook for a crowd.  That's okay, that means I may actually get some of the dove breasts this time!  A little bacon, maybe a pepperocini with it... mmmmmmm!

I guess I better hit the sack.  Its after midnight and I've got a lot of delegating to do when everyone gets up to start cooking.  Have a great day son.  Be safe.  Miss you and love you always,


Thursday, November 15, 2007


Dear Gabe,

Look at this adorable little guy.  Kimmie sent me this picture through the cell phone.  I'm soooo excited, its just weeks, maybe even days before I get to hug him!  Kimmie and I will be making the flight arrangements today.  Soon, Gabe, real soon!  The only problem we may have is getting the seats all together.  We'll have to be all side by side across the aisle or one row in front of the other. We will have to go with a later flight if we can't get seats like that since the kids don't know me yet and will need to be able to see Kimmie so they won't be scared. 

And Little Zack, I shall finally be able to meet my first grandbaby.  I am sooo excited I think I shall positively pop!

By the way, I set this journal up so that you can write in it too.  I'm not sure how it works, I guess you just have to sign in and click on the blog.  Then you can post little messages to the kids and Kimmie if you want... Or to your Mama... hint hint!

Well, got lots to do, we're still trying to get this old house baby proofed.  You should be here to help you know, so hurry back okay?

Miss you, Love you as always,


Friday, November 9, 2007


Dear Gabe,

We start baby proofing the house this weekend.  I'm sooooo damn excited I can barely sit still!  So far the plan is for me to fly out there to Ohio, spend the night and then Kimmie, the boys and I will fly out together the next day or day after.  Hopefully I'll be able to meet Little Zack as well... oh I hope so!

Becca will be giving Kimmie her room and will move into Zack's room.  If Big Zack goes back to Florida then there's no problem.  If he doesn't, there's still no problem since he and Art have already agreed to bunk together.  This is all just falling right into place.  I love it!

Kim sent me a picture of Little Ryott on the cell phone.  He is sooooo adorable.  He had a big ole slobbery grin.  I can't wait to hug and kiss  his slobbery little face!

Praying that plans all work out.  Praying harder that you stay safe.  Miss you, love you always,


Thursday, November 1, 2007

My how time flies...

Dear Gabe,

I heard from Kimmie.  She seems serious about moving out here.  Maybe its just because I want to believe her but she really seems sincere.  I hope she can.  I've even volunteered to baby sit for her.  Actually I practically begged, but ohhhhhhhh I can't wait to hold little Ryott and I already adore the other two boys through what you've said.  Got my fingers crossed so tight I may have cut the blood circulation off...  I don't suppose Kayle would consider moving out this way as well?  Got lots of room for Little Zack in my arms. 

Big Zack is still here.  We don't know for sure if he's going back to Florida.  I hope he does because that was good money, but he'll have to cut his hair.  On the other hand, now that he's got his driver's license he'll be able to start looking for a better paying job around here if that doesn't work out instead of being limited to places he can pedal to on his bike.  What ever happens I'm confident that he will make the most of it.  I'm so proud of him.  It was a slow start for him, but he's really chasing his goals now.  My boy is finally growing up.   Yay!  Now to find him a woman!

The other kids are trouble as usual.  Art is always late for school.  Grrrrrrrrr!  That boy was late being born, he's late for almost everything and will probably be late for his own funeral.  You would like his girlfriend.  She changes her hair color as much as 'Manda did.  She's pink right now.  I met her when she was Smurfette blue.  She was contemplating green or purple next but when I threatened to call her 'Shrek' if she went green she decided on Mesa Ridge Purple.  Thats cool, I can live with that.  She's a doll though, I absolutely adore her and have already warned Art that if anything happens to them, he's outta here and SHE stays!  Hehehehehe!

Becca has a steady boyfriend.  I may have mentioned him before.  Dad has already introduced him to his arsenal when we went to Mark's house to shoot the guns and cannons.  Of course Mark and Mike had to add their own subliminal threats.  I don't think we have to worry about that guy breaking Becca's heart, he's probably too scared to do anything wrong.  I'll bet he didn't know she came with so many daddys.

And Rocky is still just our little Rocky.  Every once in a while she'll dress up and I'll catch a glimpse of her and think 'wow, that girl is gorgeous!' but then she opens her mouth and she's still just my little rowdy Rocky.  She's really getting into her drumming and is already making plans on joining the marching band next year.  Go Rocky!

As for Dad and I, well, do we ever really change?  Dad is still waiting for the job in Pinon Canon to open up again.  If that happens and he gets it he will be moving down there and come home on the weekends.  It would be like a vacation for him, getting away from the chaos of our house during the week.  Hmmmmmmm, maybe that's why he wants the job so badly...  Hey, wait a minute!

Take care of yourself son.  We miss you so much and pray often for your safety.

Love Mom~