Thursday, November 27, 2008


Dear Gabe,

We're getting just a little bit excited about yours and Ryott's visit next month. Sure wish the other guys could be with you but for now I'll be happy with the two of you. Have a great Thanksgiving. We're doing a little turkey tonight. I'll be working so I'm doing what I can now and the others will have to finish up. We were supposed to have a little harvest feast tomorrow but Dad has the flu and I don't want to get all of our friends sick, so we'll just hold off until you get here. Got lots of deer, elk and antelope. I think we even have some dove and wild turkey!

Love you always,


ps: still trying to fix this background. I guess it's okay for the winter, but its really hard on the eyes. I'll see if Rocky can fix it over the holidays. mom~


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