Monday, March 21, 2005

NO, NO, NO.... NO!


   I love hearing from you, but Dude, you have to start giving me Happy news, not this depressing stuff!  Happy news only!  Happy news = coming home for 2 weeks in June.  Not Happy News = going to Iraq in September!  No more of that stuff, okay?

   Any how... if you must go in September... I hope that you will at least be able to come home during the summer.  Oh Gabe, this is breaking my heart, you do know that, right?  I think I liked it better when you were working in the boobie bar.  People don't die at boobie bars.  My son was not in danger at the boobie bar. 

   Well, supper is ready, its lasagna tonight.  I'm off to eat.  Miss you, love you...



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