Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Gabe, sure hope you kept your promise and put those pictures in the mail.  I'm going nuts over here, I want to see my grandbaby!  Dang, I still can't believe you're a daddy.  I know for now its just a long-distance daddy-hood, but please, be the best you can. Don't fall for that old 'out of sight, out of mind' trap.  Its too easy to forget when you don't see something... daddy!

We're going to the Memorial Day shoot this weekend.  I'm getting so excited, as usual.  The boys will be helping Richard with leadballs, cannon balls and packing tomorrow so it should be a nice quiet day here at the house.  Oh no, wait, the two girls will still be here, and they are the noisy ones!  Its going to be weird not having you with us this year.  A lot of things seem weird without you.

Well, my coffee should be about ready so I'm off to caffeinate myself.  Take care sugar booger, and write!  Write here if you can't find a pen and paper, but WRITE!

Miss you, love you,


and Art who says 'WRITE!'

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Zack did it!  He passed all of his classes and graduated!  I'm so glad dad had taken the risk and ordered the gown just in case!  Oh my gosh, the school called yesterday morning to tell me that because Zack was still missing some books he wouldn't get his diploma or final report card until they were paid for!  I flipped!  I had gone in last summer to pay for a book and clear up the issue on two other books!  It was settled then, but apparently it was still in his records.  Why else was I given the report card last summer?  It didn't make sence but I tore the house apart and found both missing books, plus 3 others (some from you, no doubt!)  I must have scared the counselor though because the school called back and told me that they had cleared Zack's record. Well, I had found the books so I took them in anyhow.  Maybe they'll give me credit for the extra books because I know the other kids will end up losing some books as well.

Alex and Richard met us at the World Arena.  Art was already there since the orchestra was playing for the ceremony.  When the graduates started filing in and I saw Zack I started crying, I couldn't help myself!  Oh, I'm so proud of him.  I wish you could have been there too, then it would have been perfect.  We talked about you on the way home.  Zack refers to you as his best friend.  You would have cried too buddy, yep you would have!

Sunday, May 8, 2005


I am a grandmother!  And you are a daddy!  Congratulations Gabe, I know how happy you are right now.  And I know how hard it must be to know that you have a little son and yet not be able to hold him, to feel him, to smell him, but June will get here soon enough.  Just keep in touch with Kayle, and stay in little Zachary's life.  Never let him doubt his father's love.

Please have Kayle send us pictures.  And please tell her that we want very much to be a part of Zachary's life, and hers if she will let us.  I don't know where she got the idea that she should fear us and what we might do, but we are here for her if ever she needs it.

I'm a GRANDMOTHER~  woooo hoooo!

Congratulations Daddy.

Miss you, Love you,


Sunday, May 1, 2005


Do you remember your first REAL Hollywood luau?  It was the Polynesian Cultural Center, July 2003.  Of course all the luaus we had at the house were more 'real' than this, because ours were all about family and friends, but this had all the awesome dancing!

And HULA GIRLS!  Grandma and Grandpa are going to try to make a visit out here next summer, not this summer when you'll be home.  I miss them and can't wait.  Sure wish I could afford to go and visit them.  The family reunion was a blast, but I didn't even get to really visit with my family.  Always remember us, your parents and your brothers and sisters.  Visit when ever you can, call in between.  Write when you're bored.  Keep in touch ALWAYS!  Friends may come and go, but family is there for ever and always.

Miss you, Love you!