Thursday, October 27, 2005


Dear Gabe,

Monday I begin my new job as cashier at Wally World!  I still hate that I had to give up my weekends, but they are looking into giving me 3 days off during the week, and that would be nice.  There are so many people involved in scheduling though so it really doesn't matter too much what the first person says when its the last person who finalizes everything.  We'll just have to wait and see.  In the mean time I have the next 3 days off.  Hopefully I'll be dropping an elk on one of them.

Dad finally sent in his resume for the Range Control job.  I hope he gets it.  That would be his dream job.  Okay, maybe not THE DREAM JOB, but, it would definitely be a job he would love going to 5 days a week.  Besides, I'm sure he'd do a good job at it.  He's just that kind of guy when he's happy.

Talk about happy, Zack is just loving his job.  Its so nice to see him active.  I was getting worried after he graduated and all he did was sleep and play on the computer.  Now he has a social life... and starting Monday I get to harass him at work!  Woo hoo!  It was bad enough all of my friends picked on him, but now he has to deal with me as well!  Hehehehe!

Art has a job as well.  Its not a paying job, he works in the cafeteria and gets a free meal for his help.  He was getting tired of having to pack his own lunch every morning but he still wanted to eat and since Mama wouldn't make his lunch, he did the next best thing... he makes everyone's lunch at school so he can get free lunch and not have to pack his own lunch at home.  ?  Okay, I'm sure that makes sence somewhere.  At any rate, he's eating, and he can use the experience on his resume later on when he applies for his first real paying job.

I guess I better bring the groceries in.  Its just me here right now and they aren't going to come inside by themselves.  Of course... if I wait a couple more hours the kids will be home from school and they can put them away.... 

Hope things are going well with you.  Remember, tell your boss that your mom said you have to ride in the bradley.  In fact, tell him that she said ALL of you guys have to ride in the Bradleys.  I don't want anyone getting their butts hurt, so be careful, okay? 

Miss you, love you.


Monday, October 24, 2005

Dear Gabe,

This is Rocky with a poster she drew for you and your buddies.  She put down your bootcamp troop.  She's like me, the numbers and acronyms don't mean much to us.

Hunting has been exhausting, and not very successful so far.  I'm taking the flintlock out this afternoon when dad gets off work.  The bulls we were after apparently got tagged by some ranchers before they ever made it across the fence to us so we're on the trail of a couple others.  There have been some big bulls brought in.  Truth be known I'd rather have a smaller one because the meat is better, but at this point I'm not picky.

I got this from Bill Marsh, one of the guys who got all those patches and cleaning stuff for you:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Mrs. Navakuku,   It was a pleasure to help out. Dennis and I are asking all the soldiers here in the class to bring anything they can spare so we can send another box of "goodies" to your son. When we get it, we will let you know.   God Bless,  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dad is going to look into a laptop.  Actually I think he already knows which one to get you, something like 'Tough Box' or some goofy name like that, but its intended to be able to handle being knocked around.  We'll let you know all the fun stuff about it when he looks it up.

I guess I better get busy around the house.  I've still got meat to pack, and I need to get my stuff ready for hunting this afternoon.  Wish you could be with us.  The mountains are so beautiful this time of year.

Miss you, love you ALWAYS!


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

ACU Laundry detergent list.

Gabe, I didn't recognize you at first in this picture.  I've never seen you in your helmet before .  Dad asked me to forward this on to you so you know which detergent NOT to use (Contains Optical Brightners) and which ones you can use (Do Not Contain Brighteners).  I emailed the entire list, but just in a nutshell, these are the only ones that you should use on your ACU's:

Bold Powder
Cheer Liquid (all versions)
Cheer Powder (all versions)
All Powder (all versions)
Surf Powder (all versions)
Woolite (all versions)  

Now this is probably one of the coolest pictures I've seen of you.  You look good in green!  Anyhow, I got the package mailed out, but I didn't get the teflon stuff yet.  But thats okay because I DID get the weapons wipes but forgot to put them in the box that I sent today, so I'll be sending another one probably tomorrow.  I also had a card that I meant to put in the box but I found it on the table AFTER I had sealed the box with about 2 miles of duct tape.  Oh yeah, you'll probably need a chainsaw to open the box, but I wanted to make sure it didn't pop open in transit.

Take care son, miss you, love you!



Oh my gosh Gabe, you won't believe what I have for you and your guys over there.  Theres big patches and little patches, pokey brushes for pushing down the barrel of your weapons and soft scratchy brushes for all of the other places, and pipe cleany thingies... for all those places nothing else fits in.  Its like a soldier's Christmas!


The gifts are all compliments of two wonderful Vietnam Veterans William "Bill" Marsh and Dennis Schnell.  They are instructors for the Unit Armor Course on post. They heard you guys were having to cut your patches in half to conserve them so they dug these up to help out.  I cried when your dad called and told me what they had done, I literally sat there with the phone in my hands and cried.  I got to meet them this morning when I picked up the package and I almost started to cry again.   Even after serving their time they still serve their fellow soldiers through their instruction and things like this. I hope you get the opportunity to meet them in person, they are funny as heck and have some very cool stories from their own time in the Army.

So anyhow, I've got a few more things to pick up this afternoon before I get your box in the mail.  I've already got the butt-wipes for your weapon, theres two containers of those.  (I still need to get the butt-wipes for your butt). I haven't found that teflon stuff yet but I'll check at Specialty Sports here in a bit.  The box should go out this afternoon so we'll start counting from tomorrow.  Let me know how long it takes okay?

Miss you, Love you Always!


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Gabe, sometimes I look at the pictures you send of you and your buddies, and I wonder... do you guys really know what your country is asking of you?  You guys look like kids still, you are all someone's son.  And then I realize that perhaps I don't give you guys enough credit.  You are all trained and professional soldiers.  You know exactly what your mission is, and I am confident that you will do it to your utmost ability.

I love this picture.  You guys could be standing on a beach somewhere in the states.  Heck you SHOULD be standing on a beach in the states.  But you're over there, having a Hadgi Coke and a Smile!  You should let me know all of the guys names.  Becca likes this picture because she says you guys all look so 'buff'.  I think thats good, I never know half of what the kids say and mean anymore now days.  I'm getting old fashioned... something I swore never to do.

I'm glad you can still receive email.  I shall probably whine when that stops.  I got your new mailing address so we'll get your cleaning patches in the mail asap.  Let me know when you get them so we have an idea how long it takes.

Well son, I hope you're having a good day where you are.  Rest easy when you can.  Take care of yourself, and your guys.  Missing you, loving you always,


Friday, October 14, 2005


Dear Gabe,

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well.  Yeah, its probably the flu since its going around camp after all the shots.  Just make sure you drink lots of water and get plenty of rest.  You've got to let yourself be sick before you can get well.  You have to get it out of your system, but its going to run its course in its own good time.  I'm a little under the weather myself, but its self induced.  I shouldn't have had that last rum and coke. 

It was such a beautiful day today, and even yesterday.  Its hard to believe we had a winter storm last week.  The Peak is still covered in white though.  Sooooo pretty.  I took Becca and Rocky fishing today.  I should have left them home, they had been fighting all morning.  They didn't have to go to school today and the plan was to spend a nice day together since tomorrow I would be out in the woods with the guys hunting.  I don't know what I'm going to do with those girls.  I can't even get them married off yet, they're too young!  Do I really have to put up with this until they become adults?  AGH!

Okay, so once again... drink lots of water.  And orange juice if you can get some.  If you start running a fever (are your eyes burning?) go to sick-call.  And don't smoke if you still are, that will only make it worse.

Take care son.  Miss you, love you.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Thats Gabe on the bottom left.

NativeHopi [9:38 AM]:  that one of the group is the one we took right before we got mortered
NativeHopi [9:38 AM]:  lol
Dornbrau [9:39 AM]:  Boy, I'll bet if you took one right AFTER you got mortared your expressions would be way different!
NativeHopi [9:39 AM]:  lol
NativeHopi [9:39 AM]:  us
NativeHopi [9:39 AM]:  ?
NativeHopi [9:40 AM]:  probaly not
NativeHopi [9:40 AM]:  cuz were scouts!!!
NativeHopi [9:40 AM]:  lol
Dornbrau [9:40 AM]:  Oh yeah, thats right... you're Scouts!  (silly boys!)
Dornbrau [9:41 AM]:  So what kind of gun is that you're holding... and whats that... thing between your legs?
NativeHopi [9:41 AM]:  lol
NativeHopi [9:42 AM]:  that is a good ol .50 cal machine gun
Dornbrau [9:44 AM]:  And all those guys... are they your squad, your platoon, your sorority, what?
Dornbrau [9:45 AM]:  Dude, I just noticed, you're wearing your fireproof gloves... good boy!  What about your fireproof man-panties?  Gotta protect them family jewels you know! 
NativeHopi [9:45 AM]:  they are the "joes" in platoon. the boys as they say
NativeHopi [9:46 AM]:  lol
NativeHopi [9:46 AM]:  yes them to
Dornbrau [9:47 AM]:  Ah, you're probably just saying that to make me happy, and thats okay... but they can't protect you if you're not wearing them, okay?
Dornbrau [9:47 AM]:  Joes, as in GI Joes?
NativeHopi [9:47 AM]:  i gotta give those things a break though cuz between my combat load and the heat. whew.
NativeHopi [9:47 AM]:  no
Dornbrau [9:47 AM]:  Ahhhh, so thats what we were smelling! 
NativeHopi [9:47 AM]:  joes as in e4 and below

NativeHopi [9:48 AM]:  120 today
NativeHopi [9:48 AM]: 
thought i was going to die
Dornbrau [9:48 AM]: 
Yeow!  Its 32 even as we type.
Dornbrau [9:48 AM]: 
Do you at least have a breeze?
NativeHopi [9:49 AM]: 
feels like a hair dryer
NativeHopi [9:49 AM]: 
with lots of sand
Dornbrau [9:49 AM]: 
Ugh!  I'll bet!
Dornbrau [9:50 AM]: 
Does it get cold at night?
NativeHopi [9:51 AM]: 
well were so used to the heat that 80 degrees feels cool and gives you goose bumps
NativeHopi [9:51 AM]: 
but sometime the power goes out and it stays hot all fuckin
NativeHopi [9:52 AM]: 
lol or the damn thig freezes up and spits ice all over my kot
Dornbrau [9:52 AM]: 
That would drive me nuts!  I think the hottest it ever got here this year was 105 with the heat index, and even then we had a mountain breeze.
Dornbrau [9:53 AM]: 
Oh, poor baby!  Hehehehe!
NativeHopi [9:53 AM]: 

Monday, October 10, 2005


Dear Gabe,

I can't tell you how nice it was to hear your voice on the phone.  But dang boy, did you have to mention Pizza?  We haven't had pizza since you were here and now I've got a craving for a pepperoni, sausage and mushroom pizza... and no way to get one.  Agh!

Winter is trying to take over the place.  Its snowing right now, but the snow just melts as soon as it touches the ground.  Thats okay, we can still use the moisture, but I'm impatient for the whiteness. 

I'll work on your shopping list this week so I can get the package mailed as soon as you get an address.  That really bugs me that you guys are having to cut your cleaning patches in half... and you took a couple bags with you to start with didn't you?  Good golly, thats just crazy!

I guess we do take a lot of things here for granted... a hot shower every day, clean clothes... PIZZA!  Even clouds on a sunny day.  But hey, its not so bad where you are, lots of sand... just like the beach!  Lots of sun to work on your tan, and no cloudy skies!

I can't believe its only 6pm.  We've already eaten supper, your dad is crashed out on the sofa, the kids have picked up the upstairs... We're just waiting for Rocky to finish her homework so we can watch Pirates of the Caribbean (I love that movie!) I'm keeping the news off today, this week has been really depressing, so much tragedy around the globe.  I need some happy thoughts.. like Johnny Depp!

Miss you Sugar Booger.  Love you.


Sunday, October 9, 2005


Dang, I just saw your icon on my buddy list, but I missed you.  Oops.  Sorry.  I was trying to talk Zack into going downrange for a couple of hours.  I had a nice night last night with the girls... Morla, Kristie and Val.  Dad went too.  Wish you were there, it was a blast.  We were soooo bad I half expected them to ask us to leave.  Hehehehe.

Its supposed to snow tonight in the mountains, and maybe even down here by morning.  Beautiful.  The kids are off school tomorrow so we will be pulling out the Halloween stuff and decorating the porch.  I love this time of year.

Okay, Rocky is nagging me to get dressed, she's going with dad and me to look for his hunting knife.  His cold steel never made it back yesterday, and thats a $75 knife. 

I haven't been watching the news coverage of the war... aren't you proud of me?  There are so many other depressing things on though, the earthquake in Pakistan and India, the bird flu, the mudslide in Guatemala, the terror threat to the New York subways... yeow! 

I hope you are safe and well.  Your other mommies from above, and all of your new ones here online all send their love.  Take care Gabe.  Missing you by the second, loving you always.


Saturday, October 8, 2005


Lords Prayer For The Military Wife (Mother)

Lord, Grant me the greatness of heart to see,
the difference in duty and his love for me.
Give me the understanding to know,
That when duty calls he must go.
Give me a task to do each day,
to fill the time when he is away,
And Lord when duty is in the field,
Please protect him and be his shield.
~ Author Unknown ~

Sent by Kas from Hestia Homeschool

Source: Wonderful Miracles

Friday, October 7, 2005


Just a little bit from your dad's letter.  You should have the entire letter in your mailbox.  "Rock Nav" is what the guys from FAMC called him in Germany, 'The Rock', for 'Rock solid' the guys (the ducks) told me.  Its in your blood too son.  You are a rock.

"Are you in a Bradley yet? I’m looking forward to getting a picture of you with your new CAR!! Have you had trouble getting cleaning patches? Well enough for now OK. I miss you Gabe, Stay Safe, watch you six, and tell you buddies Rock NAV says AI-EE-YAH!"


Dear Gabe,

Its been 2 days now since you checked your mail.  That depresses me.  I keep checking the status of the letter I sent.  It still says: NativeHopi (not yet read)  Pooey!

Dad hasn't said anything more about putting in for that job in Iraq.  Perhaps he has decided against it.  I hope so.  I thought I wanted him there, near you... which isn't saying much, but it would have been closer than here... but now, now I think he should stay here.  Besides, I don't want you stressing over him the way he will be stressing over you.  That won't do anyone any good.

Tomorrow is Morla's birthday.  She will be 21.  Okay, not really, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind being 21 again.  I don't know what we're doing yet, but she, Kristie, Val and I are supposed to go out.  I'll have to bum money off of Zack... that sounds so weird... borrowing $ from Zachary!  Hahahaha!  He's loving it, the turd!  I hope I get hired back at Walmart, then I can boss him around!  He gets enough flack as it is from my friends there.  It could be so much fun working there again.  People still think he's you.

I hope you're safe, where ever you are.  I hope you're getting enough sleep, the food is good and the climate kind.  Still waiting for a mailing address so we can start sending you pieces of home.

Missing you, Love you always,


Wednesday, October 5, 2005


Well, the quiet was getting boring anyhow.  Now all we need is you.  We're having chicken parmesean tonight.  Whadaya say, you wanna come over for supper?  We've got lots to go around, bring a couple of your buddies if you want.

Miss you, Love you!



We've always lived near military bases.  We've always heard the sounds of the troops training.  They train in their vehicles, they train with artillery, they train with their guns.  But now its not the sound of training for mere proficiency.  It is the sound of soldiers training to kill. I don't think I'll ever get used to that.

Monday, October 3, 2005

IM FROM GABE 10/03/05

Just the tail end of our IM conversation.  I don't know how long he'll have access to the internet or phones, but I'm loving it while it lasts.

NativeHopi [10:32 AM]:  well i cant tell you the time and place but we got mortered at the last camp we were at. no one was hurt thank god. but reality gave me a swift kick in the balls and now im pissed
Dornbrau [10:32 AM]: 
Holy shit!
Dornbrau [10:33 AM]: 
Well, I'm glad you got your wake-up call this way, with nobody getting hurt.
Dornbrau [10:33 AM]: 
Now your guard is really up.  Thats important.
NativeHopi [10:34 AM]: 
oh yeah
Dornbrau [10:35 AM]: 
Okay, now that you're fired up, just remember your humanity.  Don't do anything stupid like Abu Grahib (?).  Do what you have to but do it right. 
NativeHopi [10:35 AM]: 
Dornbrau [10:36 AM]: 
I know.... but I just have to say that.  Its a mother thing.
NativeHopi [10:36 AM]: 
i know
Dornbrau [10:37 AM]: 
Your dad is thinking about a civilian job in Baghdad for 6 months.  He says its for the $, and I know thats part of it, but he still wants to do what he was trained for.
Dornbrau [10:37 AM]: 
He's still a soldier at heart.
Dornbrau [10:38 AM]:  I suspect he'll be working on his resume this week.  Funny, I'm not scared for him the way I am for you.  I think because, as before, its a mommy thing.
Dornbrau [10:39 AM]: 
Dang, the kids left the computer on and it just started playing music!  That scared the shit out of me!  Turds!
NativeHopi [10:39 AM]: 
NativeHopi [10:40 AM]: 
dont let dad do it cuz its starting to get crazy everywhere
NativeHopi [10:40 AM]: 
and bagdad is getting crazy to
Dornbrau [10:41AM]: 
Gabe, I didn't want to 'let' you go either, remember?  A lot of good that did me.  I will talk to him though.  But you know how he is when he gets his mind set.
Dornbrau [10:42 AM]: 
His health will be an issue though.  His blood pressure isn't the greatest.  Maybe that will keep him back.  Its what he really wants to do though.  I think he feels useless, you know... kind of like its not right that his son is fighting a battle that should have been finished when he was there?
NativeHopi [10:43 AM]: 
dont let him. if anything happens to him ill just get even more pissed and then it get personal.
NativeHopi [10:44 AM]: 
then hell will walk on this god forsaken land i fuckin swear
Dornbrau [10:44 AM]: 
Perhaps part of the reason he wants to go is so that nothing will happen to YOU!  After all, you're his son.
Dornbrau [10:44 AM]: 
You guys are so alike its scary!  And funny at the same time!
NativeHopi [10:46 AM]: 
mom im not going to be anywhere around him. i CANT tell you what were doin or going but im fuckin scared
Dornbrau [10:47 AM]: 
And you should be scared son.  We're all scared for you because we know its bad out there.  Worse than anyone can ever discribe. 
NativeHopi [10:48 AM]: 
well mom i gotta go now. but ill try to get on later. cant promise though.
Dornbrau [10:48 AM]: 
Take care son, I love you.
NativeHopi [10:48 AM]: 
ill talk to ya laters.
Dornbrau [10:48 AM]: 
Keep those feathers close to you.
NativeHopi [10:48 AM]: 
i love you to
NativeHopi [10:48 AM]: 
i do
Dornbrau [10:48 AM]: 
God bless you always.
NativeHopi [10:49 AM]: 
tell everyone i said hey
NativeHopi [10:49 AM]: 
NativeHopi [10:49 AM]: 
Dornbrau [10:49 AM]: 
Consider it done.
NativeHopi [10:49 AM]: 
Dornbrau [10:49 AM]: 
Be safe.
NativeHopi [10:49 AM]: 
NativeHopi signed off at 10:49 AM

Sunday, October 2, 2005


Hey Gabe, Becca told me she was chatting with you online.  I'm glad you have access, hopefully you'll be able to get on frequently, but I'll be happy with what you do get.

She showed me the IM log.  I saw the part about how you were freaked out the other day but that you were in a safer place now.  Thats good.  And thank you for not going into details with your sister.  You're right, she would freak out too, so its best this way.

But I've decided that I want to know what ever you can tell me.  Lets face it, I'm going to worry no matter what, so I'd rather sit here and worry about real things than to stress over imaginary demons.  Does that make sence to you? 

Tomorrow is Becca's birthday.  She'll be 14.  Wow!  I gave birth to her right after dad got back from Desert Storm.  I remember when she got so sick they were testing your dad as well just in case he had passed something on to her.    We almost lost her.  Those were some scary times.  And now she's as healthy and ornery as ever.

Zack has been out hunting all weekend.  Its been hard since he works as well, so he only hunts in the morning.  We haven't seen anything besides a few does.  He's got all winter though so theres no rush.

Rocky leaves for camp tomorrow.  She's so excited.  Its her first campout without mom and dad.  Its like a passage for her.  She's got dad's big green rucksack.  That thing is bigger than she is and probably weighs more than her, but you can't tell her that.

And Art has started playing the flute again.  Just out of the blue.  He still sounds good, he hasn't been brainwashed by the horns.  I miss hearing him play the flute.  You never heard him play did you?  You'll have to ask him to play when you get back.

I scratched my back a little bit this morning while ducking under a pinon and now my back is sore.  But my body feels fine other wise.  Could it be I'm finally getting back into shape?


Be safe.  Miss you, love you.