Monday, October 3, 2005

IM FROM GABE 10/03/05

Just the tail end of our IM conversation.  I don't know how long he'll have access to the internet or phones, but I'm loving it while it lasts.

NativeHopi [10:32 AM]:  well i cant tell you the time and place but we got mortered at the last camp we were at. no one was hurt thank god. but reality gave me a swift kick in the balls and now im pissed
Dornbrau [10:32 AM]: 
Holy shit!
Dornbrau [10:33 AM]: 
Well, I'm glad you got your wake-up call this way, with nobody getting hurt.
Dornbrau [10:33 AM]: 
Now your guard is really up.  Thats important.
NativeHopi [10:34 AM]: 
oh yeah
Dornbrau [10:35 AM]: 
Okay, now that you're fired up, just remember your humanity.  Don't do anything stupid like Abu Grahib (?).  Do what you have to but do it right. 
NativeHopi [10:35 AM]: 
Dornbrau [10:36 AM]: 
I know.... but I just have to say that.  Its a mother thing.
NativeHopi [10:36 AM]: 
i know
Dornbrau [10:37 AM]: 
Your dad is thinking about a civilian job in Baghdad for 6 months.  He says its for the $, and I know thats part of it, but he still wants to do what he was trained for.
Dornbrau [10:37 AM]: 
He's still a soldier at heart.
Dornbrau [10:38 AM]:  I suspect he'll be working on his resume this week.  Funny, I'm not scared for him the way I am for you.  I think because, as before, its a mommy thing.
Dornbrau [10:39 AM]: 
Dang, the kids left the computer on and it just started playing music!  That scared the shit out of me!  Turds!
NativeHopi [10:39 AM]: 
NativeHopi [10:40 AM]: 
dont let dad do it cuz its starting to get crazy everywhere
NativeHopi [10:40 AM]: 
and bagdad is getting crazy to
Dornbrau [10:41AM]: 
Gabe, I didn't want to 'let' you go either, remember?  A lot of good that did me.  I will talk to him though.  But you know how he is when he gets his mind set.
Dornbrau [10:42 AM]: 
His health will be an issue though.  His blood pressure isn't the greatest.  Maybe that will keep him back.  Its what he really wants to do though.  I think he feels useless, you know... kind of like its not right that his son is fighting a battle that should have been finished when he was there?
NativeHopi [10:43 AM]: 
dont let him. if anything happens to him ill just get even more pissed and then it get personal.
NativeHopi [10:44 AM]: 
then hell will walk on this god forsaken land i fuckin swear
Dornbrau [10:44 AM]: 
Perhaps part of the reason he wants to go is so that nothing will happen to YOU!  After all, you're his son.
Dornbrau [10:44 AM]: 
You guys are so alike its scary!  And funny at the same time!
NativeHopi [10:46 AM]: 
mom im not going to be anywhere around him. i CANT tell you what were doin or going but im fuckin scared
Dornbrau [10:47 AM]: 
And you should be scared son.  We're all scared for you because we know its bad out there.  Worse than anyone can ever discribe. 
NativeHopi [10:48 AM]: 
well mom i gotta go now. but ill try to get on later. cant promise though.
Dornbrau [10:48 AM]: 
Take care son, I love you.
NativeHopi [10:48 AM]: 
ill talk to ya laters.
Dornbrau [10:48 AM]: 
Keep those feathers close to you.
NativeHopi [10:48 AM]: 
i love you to
NativeHopi [10:48 AM]: 
i do
Dornbrau [10:48 AM]: 
God bless you always.
NativeHopi [10:49 AM]: 
tell everyone i said hey
NativeHopi [10:49 AM]: 
NativeHopi [10:49 AM]: 
Dornbrau [10:49 AM]: 
Consider it done.
NativeHopi [10:49 AM]: 
Dornbrau [10:49 AM]: 
Be safe.
NativeHopi [10:49 AM]: 
NativeHopi signed off at 10:49 AM


Anonymous globetrotter2u said...

Please feed Dickedoo massive doses of butter, cream and booze to raise his blood pressure out the roof.
PS: Just try not to kill him!
Sorry to shout.

October 3, 2005 at 5:22 PM  
Anonymous anarchitek said...

I agree with Maryanne, the money is not worth it!!!  I remember when I 1st got to 'Nam, they sent me to An Khe, an outpost of the 1st Cavalry, in a tiney valley, middle of the central part of VietNam.  After the landing, during which the pilot put the plane into a nose dive to shame any Stuka dive bomber in WWII, pulling out at the last possible second to set the wheels on the dirt strip and come to a rolling stop, I was hustled off by the crew chief and new passengers loaded, as fast as possible.  The plane was wheels up in less than 15 minutes from the time it tipped over into that roller-coaster dive!  I staggered over to the tent acting as an operations center, where a ragged looking Staff Sergeant asked me what I was doing there.  When I told him I'd been sent up by the powers-that-be in Can Ranh Bay, he snorted and muttered a phrase I was to hear constantly during the next 12 months, FTA!  I was NOT supposed to be there, and when I asked when the next transport back was, he replied, "Tomorrow, same time as the one you just came in on!" and pointed me in the direxction of a tent, where I could sack out, and the mess hall wheree I could get some chow, having missed lunch in the haste to catch the plane that was by now a tiny dot on the horizon!
I sacked out, until 2:30, when mortars and rockets came raining down on the tiny firebase!  I hopped out, grabbed my pants and headed down to the bunker line, as I had no weapon, no helmet, being a newbie.  I was assured this was Charlie's nightly greeting to the "forces of freedom", part psych war and part real...but I was happy to get on that plane the next day, not that the place I ended up was any better, since there were NO safe spots in Viet|Nam, NOR, I suspect in Iraq, these days!  Best wishes, to you and good luck to your son.  I wish him a speedy and safe return home.  Bruce

October 3, 2005 at 6:35 PM  
Anonymous taylorkl1102 said...

I am in tears reading the messages.  Your heart must be proud and broken in pieces at the same time.  Your in my prayers.  Be strong.  

October 3, 2005 at 8:33 PM  
Anonymous princesssaurora said...

I have chills all over my arms reading that.  Prayers coming Gabe for you and mom.

Be well,

October 4, 2005 at 1:04 PM  
Anonymous jckfrstross said...

Gabe stay scared it will keep you alive


October 5, 2005 at 3:21 PM  
Anonymous hestiahomeschool said...

I started crying, reading this. Keep Dickidoo at home, hogtie him if possible.  I wrote the President another note, telling him to bring our soldiers home NOW.  Keep safe, Gabe. Be careful! My little brother, who had planned on being an airplancemechanic, has now joined the SEALS. I hope he will stay safe, too.  All three of my uncles were in Viet Nam. I remember sending them packets of purple Kool Aid.

October 7, 2005 at 8:24 AM  

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