Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Zack did it!  He passed all of his classes and graduated!  I'm so glad dad had taken the risk and ordered the gown just in case!  Oh my gosh, the school called yesterday morning to tell me that because Zack was still missing some books he wouldn't get his diploma or final report card until they were paid for!  I flipped!  I had gone in last summer to pay for a book and clear up the issue on two other books!  It was settled then, but apparently it was still in his records.  Why else was I given the report card last summer?  It didn't make sence but I tore the house apart and found both missing books, plus 3 others (some from you, no doubt!)  I must have scared the counselor though because the school called back and told me that they had cleared Zack's record. Well, I had found the books so I took them in anyhow.  Maybe they'll give me credit for the extra books because I know the other kids will end up losing some books as well.

Alex and Richard met us at the World Arena.  Art was already there since the orchestra was playing for the ceremony.  When the graduates started filing in and I saw Zack I started crying, I couldn't help myself!  Oh, I'm so proud of him.  I wish you could have been there too, then it would have been perfect.  We talked about you on the way home.  Zack refers to you as his best friend.  You would have cried too buddy, yep you would have!


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