Friday, December 3, 2004

17 DAYS!

Dear Gabe, we will probably go after the perfect Christmas tree this weekend.  The mountains are beautiful this time of year as you can imagine.  The peak is almost pure white!  Do you remember this picture?  It was taken in 2002, during our Christmas tree hunt.  Last year we had to buy a tree from Walmart since the rest of the gang was in Kentucky... I remember you trying to set the tree up in the corner and Kayle was just sitting there laughing at you.  Ohhhhh no, major sadness coming on... quick, change the subject!

Shana and Christy send their love.  I haven't seen Amanda and Shannel lately but they always send their best when we do talk.  I suppose you'll want the car when you get home huh?  You've got a lot of friends to look up in a very short period of time.

The girls are counting down the days until you get home.  All the kids miss you so much, even though they can be such a pain in the butt when you're with them they love you.  I hope you get Carson when you're finished with your training.  Only bad thing about that is they are going to deploy in March.  I just heard from one lady who's son went through Basic in August... he's in Carson now, as a Cav. scout and he will be going.  It doesn't seem like enough time for any real training.  I pray that the elections in January bring some sort of peace and organization to the region.

Oh dang!  I've got to be at the school in 15 minutes to pick Zack up for his appointment.  I'll write again later.  Miss you, love you!



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