Friday, November 26, 2004


How was your Thanksgiving?  I had to work until 5pm, so dad got everything started.  He deep fried a turkey and had the kids set the table.  Actually Rocky did the table.  The others cleared up around the house.  When I got home all I had to do was beat the mashed potatoes, heat up the green beans, warm up the rolls and finish up the giblet gravy.  It wasn't fancy, I guess we've kind of gotten away from that over the years.  It was a great meal though, we missed you and talked about you all through the meal.  It will be good to have you home for Christmas.

Tonight we will have elk stew.  Okay, its not the big harvest feast we usually have.  I had to go in to work at 5:45 this morning and knew I wasn't going to be up to cooking when I got home, so we're holding off on the big feast until you get back.  You know, we still have all those dove in the freezer!  That should be some good eating!

Dad is out with one of the guys from work, his son drew an elk tag so he'd their guide for the weekend.  I don't envy him either.  Its not snowing yet, but boy is it cold!  This is those folk's first time out, that poor kid is going to freeze his butt off!  Maybe they'll shoot something early and call it a season today!  Hahahaha!  Nobody is that lucky!

I talked to Shannel the other day and gave her your address.  She said you better see her when you get in town.  And you know... you BETTER come in to see everyone at work... here AND the Vu or you'll be strung up for sure.

Well, I better get started on the stew.  I wish I hadn't missed your call yesterday.  Dad said I had just driven away when the phone rang.  Your timing sucks, as usual!  Hehehehe!  Kidding!  Can't wait to see you again,

Missing you, loving you,



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