Saturday, November 6, 2004

WRONG ZIP CODE, and soldier without bootlaces.

We got your letter this afternoon and were shocked to read that you had not received any of our letters yet.  Dad immediately compared the return addresses on both of your letters and discovered that they had different zip codes.  A quick call to your Aunt Kesi in E-town confirmed that your letter today had the correct zip code.  I hope you get the other letters eventually, but in the mean time everyone sat down and wrote to you again so we could get our love to you asap.

I cried when I read about the recruit without his belt or boot laces.  I am so sorry that you had to witness that and relive such sad memories.  But perhaps there is some good in it.  I hope that if you ever encounter that soldier again that you can give him some support and encouragement that we were unable to give Nolan when he was going through his ordeal.  Always treat the weak the way you would want others to treat a weak member of your family in your absence.  Compassion my son.... it can make such a big difference.  Nolan would still be alive if he had been shown any.  Always remember that.

We saw the movie The Incredibles today.  Its the cartoon about a retired super hero and his family.  The guy... the super hero Mr. Incredible... was so 'fluffy', and out of shape, he reminded me so much of your dad... but in leotards!  It was halarious.  I hope you get a chance to watch it some time.  Its a cartoon, but its fun.

Once we get confirmation that you are getting our mail I will send you a checkbook and your debit card.  You'll need to send me your password for your card so I can activate it here first.  Well, I better shut down for now.

Miss you, love you.



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