Thursday, November 18, 2004

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Dear Gabe,

   I bought a Thanksgiving card for you yesterday, but haven't been able to write it yet.  Its weird knowing that you won't be here this year for the feast.  I don't even feel like cooking.  I'll be working until 5 on Thanksgiving day, and then from 5:45am until 12:45pm on the day after... that kind of kills the spirit.  We probably won't celebrate until Saturday, but you know we'll go all out with all the elk, deer, dove and trout.  Dad will be frying a turkey as well.  Can't believe we actually have to buy a turkey this year.  Nobody went turkey hunting this year.  Heck, nobody went hunting period!  That is just way too weird!

Kaleph is working as a cart pusher again, but only until the end of the year.  He goes to MEPS for the Air Force at the beginning of December, then goes to basic for the Air Force at the end of the month.  He hasn't changed.  He'll be a good airman, I'm certain of that.  You guys are good guys.  I'm so proud of you all!

We took the kids to see the Austrailian Pink Floyd, did I mention that before?  They loved it, of course.  It was so cool to see your brothers and sisters singing along with all of the songs.  I know everyone around us was impressed.  A bunch of guys in front of us started smoking pot, but your dad just reached over, squeezed one of the guys' shoulder's and told him 'don't do that again' and they didn't light up again.  It really was an awesome show... if you ever get a chance to see it I recommend that you do.  But a word of warning, it costs just as much to see as it would to see the real Pink Floyd!  I couldn't believe we paid $30 to see some wannabe's!  The next concert we will probably go to will be the Trans Siberian Orchestra.  I wish you could go with us, I know you would love it, but they are only here for one night, and you will still be in training.  I'll get the cd though, so you'll get to hear what you missed!  Oh my gosh, you will love their music, I know you will!

Well, I better get the little ones to bed.  Miss you, love you!



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