Friday, November 5, 2004


Dear Gabe,

I really thought the election would drag out like it did in 2000.  I'm glad it didn't, and I've formed a new respect for Kerry for not raising a fuss.  I guess you can imagine how pleased we were with the results. 

It snowed Halloween night, but not again since.  We will probably get some more this weekend though.  Your dad is taking me to see the movie 'The Grudge' tonight, so long as Rocky isn't too sick.  This is her 3rd day home from school this week.  The first two days were for a cold, but now it seems like the stomach flu.  We're hoping she feels better tomorrow because we want to take the kids to see The Incredibles. 

Well, just a short one, I have to go pick up Zack and take him to the doctor for an appointment.  Write soon!

Miss you,Love you.



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