Monday, November 15, 2004

Dear Gabe,

I'm getting so excited about you coming home for Christmas.  I think your dad is too, but he'll never say so.  He's so proud of you.  I hope he's said so in all of his letters to you.  You know, he never writes to anyone.  His mother had to send him self-addressed envelopes so he would send her something, anything!  I think I have maybe a dozen letters from him from all of his times away over the years.  You have been gone what... 3 weeks? and you have already gotten... 2-3 letters?  Thats got to be some kind of record.  And its also a testament of how much he cares for you buddy.  I know there have been times when you have wondered how much he really cares for you, and I've told you then that he cares a lot... but perhaps now you will believe me.  And that you are following him in his footsteps, working to serve your country in a time when he no longer can... He is sooooo darn proud!  Always believe that, no matter what he says or does.  (its a guy thing, you should know that by now!)

Well, supper should be done by now.  Zack is cooking, so its pizza-bites (your favorite if I remember correctly!)  Miss you, love you!



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