Tuesday, April 5, 2005


Cool picture huh?  I found it while digging around in my files.  That was taken the last time we all went out on the bikes.  Okay, not 'we', but 'you kids'... I still haven't ridden one yet.  I'll stick to the 4 wheelers, thank you very much!  We mailed the hunting applications today.  We just put you in for preference points but I sure wish you could be here with us this year.  Okay, what I really wish was that you didn't have to be 'there' this year, or ever for that matter.  Oh buddy, this is going to be hard.  You're breaking your mama's heart, you realize that don't you?  Can't be any prouder of you though, and thats a fact!  Even your dad fusses over you like you wouldn't believe.

This staying at home stuff isn't too bad I suppose.  I do get a lot more done around the house and I don't even mind.  What I DO mind is your father's nagging.  I guess he has this whole agenda planned out as far as his expectations for me and I'm not following it.

Good gravy, the kids are fighting again.  I think the one thing I underestimated was the stress level... I thought it would be lower, but in actuality its higher.  At least I have a little time to myself while they're at school and dad is at work to unwind before the evening madness.  Summer should be real fun! I'll probably end up bald, which means I won't have to worry about all that white hair any more!  Hehehehe!

Well, I'm off to mediate the sibling confrontation.  Miss you, love you!



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