Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Dad gave me the great news, you start Air Assault school tomorrow.  I know you are so excited about that.  Dad said you would have to go eventually, everyone at Campbell does since they are an Air Assault post but I didn't think it would happen this soon.  And it got you out of the field, hows that for timing!

Dad also gave me some other news.  He's thinking about volunteering for recall.  We talked about this a long time ago, but I think he's serious this time.  Well, he was serious then, but I don't think he felt the urgency then.  He does now.  I don't think he's physically fit, he's on medicine to control his blood pressure, plus all those aches and pains from the last 2 accidents he was in still bother him.  The fact is he has 22 years of experience, some of it combat.  Even in his current condition anyone who was to serve beside him would be better off because of him.  I would feel better if I knew he had you covered.  He is more of an asset than a risk, and the Army could really use his know-how.  But dang, being a single parent... with teenagers, and 2 daughters?!!!!!  I don't know, I think the bigger battle will be right here in this house!

I'll try to call you tomorrow.  I can't believe Dad didn't share you tonight, that rat!  Oh well, I guess its a father - son, Army buddy thing.  You're still my Sugar Booger!

Miss you, love you.


p.s. Thats a picture of your dad when he was about your age.  I'm not sure if it was taken in Hawaii or Korea, I'm thinking Hawaii.


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