Friday, September 30, 2005


You're probably sleeping as I write this, it will be the wee hours of Saturday morning where you are.  Its a beautiful day here.  Even the clouds are enjoying the sun.  Pikes Peak has a little dusting of snow on it.  I love autumn days like this.

Zack has to work tonight, he gets off at 1am, and then he will go deer hunting at sunrise.  I'll be going with him and dad... you know... I'm the staff photographer.  Besides, I hear theres a 6x6 muley running around.  And.... well, there's another critter running around there as well, but I'm kind of sworn to secretcy for the time being.  Lets just say you'll freak when you find out!

Kurt Parsons, the prairie dog fisher, came by last night with his family enroute to Alaska.  Do you remember them?  His little girls were the ones who were chasing the skunk around the back yard with Becca and Art.  The oldest girl has moved out, and the younger one is now 12.  I never met the son, he was born just after they moved.  Wow!  I can't believe they still remembered us!  I had no idea who they were and I said so. 'Hi, how are you?  Who are you?'  Duh!  I'm such a doofus!

Thanks for the call yesterday.  I really needed to hear your voice.  I've been so calm today.  Okay, maybe the coffee helped, but I'm okay son.  Don't you worry about me.

Be safe.  Miss you, love you!



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