Sunday, February 20, 2005


 Dear Gabe,

 We leave tomorrow morning for Kentucky and while I am excited about seeing you graduate, I am so not looking forward to the trip out there.  Thats 1,100 miles squished into the Hemi with your 4 brothers and sisters!  I worry because they cannot get along in this big old house, how the heck are they going to get along in the pick-up?  And then we have to come back again... maybe even with you!  If those kids are too bad I'm renegging on my decision to be a stay at home mom with them and I'm withdrawing my resignation!

  I saw Mark today, he still hasn't gotten the time off to go to Kentucky so he'll just wait until you get back here.  I don't think he realized how far it was to Fort Knox because he seemed surprised that we were leaving in the morning when the ceremony isn't until Thursday.  Everyone else at work sends their love and congratulations. I've even received some well wishes from the folks on AOL.  I've mentioned your adventure from time to time so you're no stranger to them.  Its really cool because when some of them talk about how proud they are of you and your decision to join the military, well, I honestly believe that they really are proud of you!  You're doing a good thing sweetie, and everyone appreciates it.

Your brothers spent the day trying to pick up the spare room for you so be sure to thank them.  Your dad was walking around, cracking a whip like a drill sgt. himself.  He's so excited for you and he wants to honor you, even if its through little things like bringing you home to a clean house for a change!  Yeah... right, like thats really going to happen!  But he is proud and is fussing about you like you were some kind of dignitary.  You know what?  You are!

Well, I better get some sleep because I probably won't get any more until we get back next week.  Miss you, love you!



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