Monday, January 24, 2005


I don't get it.... we've been writing, and to the exact same address as the last time.  You got our letters then, why aren't you getting them now? 

Dad was disappointed that his Steelers didn't win the Division playoffs.  I predicted it... I told him 'The Steelers are a tough team, but they don't play tough as a team, they are not organized.  The Patriots are... they have their 'groove' and they will win the playoffs'.  I rooted for the Steelers though cos Dad's always rooted for the Broncos... except for when they played the Steelers of course... but the Broncos whipped their butts then sooo HAHAHAHA~  I'm not sure if we'll be at Lukes place or just hang out here for the Super Bowl.  I've already got my official Super Bowl XXXIX bottle jersey... I'm ready!

All the kids have been sick.  Zack is the last, and he will be staying home from school today.  He brought this on himself, he was making fun of the others last week and bragging about how he never gets sick... and yep, he made 'bachi' big time!  He's not like them... or your dad... he's real quiet and stays in his room under the blankets when he's not feeling well. 

Well, I've already started leaking the news that I'm resigning at the end of March.  I suppose its just a matter of time before the story reaches Management.  I wonder what the story will be by that time, I love my co-workers to death, but boy do they change the story around!  Do you remember when I jumped out of the truck wrong and tore my calf muscle... and by the time I returned to work the story was that I had 1) been hit by a car: 2) been hit by a truck:  3) been hit by a train  4) got hit while saving a child from being hit by a bus and 5) that I had broken arm....

Rocky made the cut for the Colorado Springs Childrens Chorale, but after the first meeting (3 hours long!) we had to decline the offer.  There was way too much time involved.  The cost of the membership, uniforms and manditory ticket purchase was no issue... it was the 2 rehersals a week, plus 1 weekend a month, plus manditory volunteering for fundraisers, etc.  I don't know who wasmore upset, Rocky for having to give it up or your Dad for having to tell her 'no'... I have to say for your dad he was going to go ahead and try, but realistically we could not do it... not just yet.  Hopefully this will be the last time we ever have to tell the kids 'no' because we don't have the time.  It broke your dad's heart to see how unhappy Rocky was.  And she was so understanding too... you should be proud of your baby sister.

Well, I'm hoping that you'll get all of our letters today.  If not, I'll be sure to stop by the mailroom when we visit at graduation and give those guys a piece of my mind... and my foot too!

Miss you, love you!



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