Friday, January 7, 2005


Hey Gabe, I found your box of letters.  I hope you don't mind that I looked through it.  Dad's letter made me cry.  He's so proud of you, please say you see that now. 

I found the letters from your little pen pal from the school in Nebraska... Sam.  I'm going to write to him and his class.  Its goofy of me, I know, but I was soooooo touched by their gesture.  Oops... sorry... teardrops again... I cry very easily now days.  Happy tears, sad tears, proud tears.. and all of them wet!

Still fighting with the cold.  My head hurts most of the time...only time I don't feel it is when I'm sleeping, but it reminds me as soon as I wake up.  With all the snot and phlegm I've been dripping and hacking up you'd think I'd be about 10 pounds lighter... but I'm not.  That just figures!

Well, dad is taking me to lunch so I suppose I should get dressed.  The roads are finally starting to thaw out, but our neighborhood is still icyer than a hockey rink.  I did a 190 spin yesterday, just glad there were no cars or people in my path.  It was a perfect spin though, I pretty much kept control... you would have been proud of me!  I hate ice! 

Okay sweetie, I'm out of here.  Be good, be safe.  Miss you, love you...



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