Sunday, December 26, 2004


Hey Sugar-Booger... I was just thinking... we only have 5 more days and you're gone again.  Whats even worse is that I have to work every single day.  Thats okay though, I'm saving my time off for your graduation in February. (Richard and Marilyn, Christmas 2004)


How crazy was it that you would get in a wreck while home on leave?  I just freaked when I heard your dad talking to you when you called.  The snow and ice on the roads are the only things I don't like about winter.  I'm so grateful that you weren't hurt.  Or the other kid for that matter.  Wish I could put a protective bubble around you to keep you safe where ever you go.  I can't so I will just strengthen my faith in your judgement and the Great Father above.  Be safe my boy.

Love Mom


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