Sunday, January 1, 2006


2006... Wow!  Another year has passed by and yet to me it feels like just another morning.  Got the coffee brewing, the rest of the family is still asleep.  Miss Joann let me off early, and then Zack ran in the house just before midnight... the overnight manager bribed them and they finished up real quick so they could get off before midnight.  We did a few fireworks left over from the 4th of July but other than that it was real quiet in the neighborhood.  Still, it was nice to be together, with the exception of you.

Your dad said Kayle called yesterday and may call again today... hopefully when I'm home from work.  Little Zachary loves the Nemo blanket we sent.  I thought he might, it was so soft and cuddly.  I wonder if he's going to drag it around the house like you did with that nappy old blanket you had.

Its so beautiful outside today, I wish I didn't have to go in to work.  I'd love to be out walking around with my camera.  I'm loving the new lens dad got me.  Unfortunately, now it seems like I never had time to work on any of my pictures.  I'll probably have to wait until school starts back up in a couple of days.  It will be nice once the house gets back into the normal routine... what ever that is.

Hope you were able to have a nice little celebration to ring in the New Year.  Hope the New Year brings good change for the people of Iraq so that you can spend the next New Year in your own country.

Miss you, Love you,




Anonymous oakmead3 said...

Hi Gabe:
Think of you a lot.  My prayers are with you.  I have asked others to put you foremost in their prayers as well.

Hurry home!  We need to see you at another Muzzle Loading shoot real soon!

Love Ellie, Singe's sister,

January 1, 2006 at 3:49 PM  

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