Friday, December 30, 2005


Just a day away from 2006, can you believe it?  I sure can't.  This past year has slipped by mercifully swiftly.  I think I have cried more this year than in all of my other years combined.  Tears of pride when you graduated from boot camp.  Tears of happiness when I learned of your son, my grandbaby Zachary, and then tears of fear.

Your brothers and sisters are keeping me busy.  They've become quite a handful.  Not so much Zack, you know him... he can pretty much take care of himself, but the others... wooooo...eeeeee!  I know my parents are rejoicing in the sweetness of revenge!

Its been a couple of days since you've checked your email.  I hope that everything is okay.  I always worry when you don't read your email.  Usually a week later I get an email from you that starts out 'I'm okay but....'  I hate emails like that.  I keep thinking I'll get used to them, but then in my heart I know I won't... and I hope I won't.  I don't want to be besensitized by this war.  I want to feel every loss and I want every loss to hurt.  Thats what makes it worth it.  If it no longer hurts then it no longer matters.  Remember that Son.  Always remember that.

I have to work tomorrow night until 11:45pm.  How screwed up is that?  I'll ring in the New Years stuck at the railroad crossing.  Whooopee!  I'd rather be at home with the family and you.  But life isn't always about what we'd rather be, most times is about what we need to be.  Remember that also.

And remember that we miss and love you... ALWAYS.

Love Mom


Anonymous astaryth said...

Happy New Year Gabe! Stay safe!

December 31, 2005 at 6:40 AM  

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