Monday, September 12, 2005


Well, I got the last of your fireproof man-panties in the mail, as well as some special animal spirits.  Keep your Bible handy as well son.  Remember its all one and the same.  I still can't believe I'm watching my son go off to war, a continuation of the war his father was sent to fight 14 years ago.  That picture of you and your brothers was taken the day your dad went back to the Gulf.  That was the first time you had ever seen a rifle that was intended for use against humans.  That was the day you decided you wanted to be a soldier like your dad.  That was the day I prayed, in vain, that you would never have to see the horrors of war first hand. 

So now I hope and pray that you remember and use all that you have learned over the years.  Take care of your buddies as you would your brothers and sisters.  Out there you are family.  Be cautious, be smart, and don't ever forget who or what you are.  May the Great Spirit, our Lord and Father, watch over you so that you may return home safely. 

But just in case, son, wear those fireproof man-panties...

Love you so much, trying hard not to worry... and failing miserably, but thats my job.  You do your job, do it well and then get back here, okay? 



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