Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I'm going nuts Gabe, we still haven't heard from you and the 27th is right around the corner.  Don't worry about how you're gonna get home, I can either pick you up or we can fly you in.  Don't worry about the $, we've got it covered.

I've been good and not watching the news as you've requested.  There's a new series on though, its called 'Over There'.  Its so hard to watch, and harder still not to watch.  Its on right now.  Part of me wants to shut the TV off and just hide under my blankets but another part of me is drawn to watch it.  I don't know how those other families cope.  I really don't.

Anyhow, call, call, CALL!  Just give us the word and we'll book your flight.

Miss you so much kid.  Love you even more.



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