Thursday, August 11, 2005


Hey Gabe, just passing the seconds, hoping it will make the minutes go by faster so the night will be over and I can get on with the new day.  I hate nighttime now.  Its a waste of time, I don't seem to get any sleeping done any more so why bother even going to bed?

Let us know for sure when you will get your leave and if Kayle is going to let you bring little Zachary.  I'm praying she will, even if it means her coming too.  You do know she is more than welcome to stay here even though you two aren't a couple any more.  If things don't work out, I can even drive out and pick you up since big Zack isn't in school yet and can make sure Rocky gets off to school in the mornings.  If I do drive out, it will probably be in the Pontiac since Big Red would use up too much gas.  At any rate, let us know when and we'll get you out here one way or the other.

Rocky's birthday is on Sunday.  She will be 11.  Then you turn 21 (woo hoo!) on the 17th, and Art will be 16 on the 18th.  This is a busy month!  But thats okay because school starts on the 17th... YEHAW!

Well, I better make an attempt at sleeping before your dad misses me and thinks I'm doing some hanky panky on the computer.  Miss you son, love you tons!



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