Thursday, August 4, 2005

Yeah, its me again

I spoke to Laquita the other night, after over 10 years!  She is doing really well.  It was wild, I did a quick search on her name, never expecting to find anything because she was talking about getting married the last time I spoke with her, so image my surprise when I found an artical, not only with her name, but contact information dated February of this year!  I emailed her, so I wouldn't make a total fool of myself if it turned out not to be her, but it was.  She sounds the same, even after all these years!  I'll bet she even looks the same!  Well, that makes one of us!

Mike got in an accident yesterday while riding his motorcycle.  Some lady tried to pass a truck behind him and ran into him because she didn't realize that he was in front of the truck.  His right leg got pretty messed up and he has stitches, but Richard said nothing was broken... besides the bike that is!  His Harley was totaled.  He was supposed to leave for Sturgis this weekend, needless to say that trip has been cancelled.

I've stopped looking at calendars now.  The only date I'm tracking is the first day of school... thats in 13 more days.  Woo hoo!  I'll be dancing in the street that morning, its been a long summer and its not even starting to wind down!  Your brothers and sisters are driving me nuts.  But not in a bad way I suppose.  Its been fun.  Its just time for them to go back to school.

Well, I've got meat to grind.  We're having gyros tonight, that a Greek dish.  You probably don't remember it from Germany, but you loved it as a little one.  Gonna try it on the grill tonight.  Wish me luck.

Miss you, love you!



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