Friday, April 25, 2008


Dear Gabe,

I hope you're thinking about what you want to eat when you get home.  I'll cook anything you want (except liver and onions, I've already cooked them once in the past 12 months, that's my limit!)  We have a couple of restaurants we want to take you to as well.  One is L&L Hawaiian BBQ ~ they have lau lau and even spam musubi!  The other is called Ultimate Buffet which specializes mostly in Asian food (sushi and sashimi!) but they also have steak, crab legs and mac and cheese!  They are the best buffet in town... and they serve alcohol!

Gonna go shopping for some cloths for you next week.  This is going to be fun.  I haven't bought you cloths in ages!  I get to dress you like a doll!  Hahaha!  Don't worry, I don't like preppy stuff any more than you do, but don't count on saggy pants either!  It'll be jeans, Dickies and khakis.

Maybe I'll go shopping this weekend.  What size shoe do you wear?

Till then, be safe.  Love you always,



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