Saturday, February 16, 2008

GUESS WHAT?! I'M MISSING A LEG!! and more melee nonsense

Hey Gabe. Well As stated in the title, I'm "missing a leg!" Arthur joined a group called Melee which is this really cool group that gathers every Saturday to beat the crud out of each other. Well, Dad fixed the car for mom and scraped up some time to take me down for some pictures. I took a few, and then joined the fun. The reason for the "missing a leg" statement was because the way we fight is like if we had real weapons. If someone hits your arm, you lose it. If someone hits you in the get the picture. I was going to put 'Guess what?! I died!' as the title, but that didn't seem so fitting. Hehe. ((but I did die like 2 times LOL)) I also killed someone!!....or two....Hahaha, yeah. I figured it would be an interesting conversation at school to just walk up to someone and whisper "Hey, man, help me out. I killed to people on Saturday." I would assume they might be a little worried in their response. But yeah, the pictures above ARE me. How sad, my hair is all gone. Now now, don't get angry at me, it was Becca's idea to play stylist and cut it off, get her. LOL It doesn't look bad at all, just different. So, how have you been? Good I hope. I'll send you some more pics later. G2G.

Love always,



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