Sunday, April 27, 2008

27 Days And A Wake Up~

Dear Gabe,

Today was a 'Girls Day Out'.  Kimmie, Becca, Rocky and I went shopping.  What a blast that was.  We went to Ross's first and the girls tried on all kinds of clothes.  Kimmie and Becca jumped out of the dressing room dancing and had the attendant laughing so hard.  Kim was wearing turquoise blue spandex pants.  Don't worry, you'll get to see her in them.  And believe me when I say she has lost all of her baby fat from Ryott!  She and Becca bought some cheap sunglasses, cos they're so cool like that (Becca's words, not mine).  Dad, who was our chauffeur for the day, even had ZZ Top's cd in the truck so he played 'Cheap Sunglasses' for them on the way home.  Too funny!

Kim has to check with Connie about flying out here with Zack.  Seem's Kayle's due date has been moved back to the end of June so it just might be possible for Connie to leave for a week or two.  I hope she can because I want to see Zachary and I don't want you to have to cut your visit here short.  But I'm a big girl and I can share so we'll just do what we have to do to make it work.

Ugh, it's almost 10pm.  I'm a night person.  I don't know what I was thinking when I took an early morning job.  But 3 am comes around quick so I best be hitting the sack.  Take care my son and be safe.  Love you always,



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