Thursday, February 14, 2008


Dear Gabe,

So how is Valentine's Day out there in the desert?  I feel so guilty, I still have your Valentine's box here.  I kind of ran out of money to send it though, I sank everything thing I had and then some into a used camera.  I'll be able to get you a bunch of pictures of Kimmie and the boys now though so I hope you'll forgive me.  And the package should be going out next week so you will be getting it, eventually.

Auntie Kesi and the family will be driving out for the Denver March Pow Wow.  They're getting a room in Denver.  Dad will probably do so for one night.  I'll be working all weekend but I get off early enough so I'll just drive up.  I'm going to try to talk Kimmie into going with me one day, I think she'll enjoy it.  I know the little guys will.

Dad and I will be celebrating our anniversary tonight at the Mason Jar in Manitou Springs.  Lobster, mmmmmmmmmm!  24 years, that seems like so long ago.  Wow.

Any way, I hope you had a peaceful day.  We miss you very much.  Can't wait to get you back here.

Be safe, love you always!



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