Monday, November 21, 2005


I picked up a camera for you.  Its a Sony, which makes very nice digitals as you know.  I only got one memory stick for now, but I got tons of rechargeable batteries and a recharger (plus the camera came with a recharger) as well as a car adapter.  Art is charging all of the batteries right now so you should be set to shoot when you get them.  Remember... don't just point and shoot.  Find the story through your lens.  I can't wait to see the stories you find.

I'm still in a ho-hum mood.  Don't know why.  Its almost Thanksgiving.  I have the next 3 days off.  I get to watch the Broncos stomp the Cowboys (I hope!) on Thursday.

I wish you would write.  I wish you would read your email.  I wish I would stop worrying!  Ugh!  Thats it, you're grounded!  Tell your captain, or major or general or what ever the heck they are, that your mama says you have to come straight home right now!... 

No, don't do that.  You guys go save Iraq, and then come home safe.

Miss you so much.  Love you,


ps: I got the newsletter from your brigade thingie.  It was nice to read it.  I wished you were in one of the pictures.  Thats so cool how they could get that thing all set up over there.  Those newsletter guys rock!  You can tell them I said so if you ever see them.

Love mom 


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