Sunday, November 13, 2005

MS VAL AND JENNIFER and a letter from Bubbah

I just got off the phone with Gabe.  I'm still laughing.  I was telling him that my friend and her beautiful Army Reserve daughter were planning on sending him a letter, and how the daughter was going to spray it with perfume.  Gabe was excited about that part because he really likes the daughter.

"And then they would address it 'From Bubbah', so if the guys in the mailroom start laughing and pointed to you, you'll know why." I warned.

"Oh no, that would not be good," he said, "Tell them not to do that, that would be bad." He was silent for a second, then said:  "Tell them if they send me a perfumed letter and put Bubbah as the sender, I will send them a pair of my underwear.  And I would make sure I wore it for a week before I sent it so it would be all smelly and dirty!  And I would sign it 'From Gabe'."

Hahahahaha!  I wonder if I should warn them?

I told Ms Val, and after conferring with Jennifer they decided that a letter from Butch (Bubbah) would probably not be a good idea in respect to threat of dirty drawers.  I do not put any future orneriness past them though and you should probably be on the lookout for any anything from Colorado that isn't addressed in my handwriting  Gabe... Just thought I'd warn you. 

Miss you, love you...



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