Sunday, March 5, 2006


Dear Gabe,

I love that when we 'chat' you have more time.  It still doesn't seem like enough but I'm content.

What I hate is the nightmares that now haunt your nights.  I wish there was something I could say or do to make them go away because you need a good night's sleep to be able to function sharp.  I hope you find time to go to church or at least speak with the chaplin.  And pray often.  Speak to God, speak to the Great Spirit, speak to your Grandfather, speak to them all.  Speak to us... our hearts will hear.  It will help.  Walk it out, talk it out, shake it out.  Don't try to keep it in.  When you talk about the nightmare, you are the one bringing it on, not the other way.  You gain control over it.  It will lose its effect to sneak up on you while you sleep because you can summon it when ever you want. 

And if that doesn't work, I'll send you a poster of some boobilicous super model... just in case.  That should give you something better to dream about.

Hang in there son.  R&R is just around the corner.  Miss you, love you always.



Anonymous jckfrstross said...

Gabe please don't keep it in like your mom said talk to god to the great spirit to the chaplin but talk! just know you are in my prayers 24/7   Deb

March 5, 2006 at 7:27 AM  
Anonymous mumma4evr said...

Gabe, your mom is a wise woman!!!  talk it out!

March 5, 2006 at 3:44 PM  
Anonymous sdoscher458 said...

Wish I could send you some sweet dreams, do what your Mom said as she said it so well....Sandi

March 6, 2006 at 8:35 AM  
Anonymous princesssaurora said...

Your advice was perfect Mama... Gabe try to take control of it, work through it, my uncle held all his vietnam stuff in for 20 years... then finally, he talked through it and the nightmares eased up.  Still happen, but far far less.  It is hard for you because you are still living it...but try your best.  I am praying fervently for you and yours.

be well,

March 6, 2006 at 1:13 PM  
Anonymous gdireneoe said...

(((((((((((((((Gabe)))))))))))))))  We're all thinking of you and your mom here. ;)  C.

March 6, 2006 at 6:17 PM  

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