Thursday, May 11, 2006

4 Days and a Wakeup!

Dear Gabe,

4 days son, can you believe it?  I hope you have good connections all the way.  That would be soooo cool! 

I'm trying not to make any committments for you, but your friends are all getting so excited so I imagine you will have the phone stuck to your ear for the first day or so when you get back.  I haven't spoken with Kayle lately, we'll probably give her a call so we know when to expect her and Zachary.  I still have to baby-proof the house.  I hope I don't hug him too tight and scare him!

Don't forget to pack the laptop, cos I want to see your pictures and videos.  We still have a bunch of your clothes here so you really only need what you're traveling in.. and shoes.

Till then, be safe.  Miss you, love you always!



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