Sunday, May 7, 2006


Dear Gabe,

I'm practicing my happy dance over here, I should have it perfected by the time you get home.  We don't have any plans for you, who knows, we may all just sit around the supper table and stare at you the whole time.  No, really, we're just going to play everything by ear when you get here. 

I'll still be working while you're here, but they've cut my schedule for that time.  Dad will be off the whole time though.  I'm not sure when Kayle and Zachary will be pulling in. I've got a special 'grandma happy dance for when they get here.

Just a week left buddy and you'll be on your way.  Keep your head down til then.  Missing you more than ever, love you always,



Anonymous oakmead3 said...

Hi Gabe:
I hope to see you while you are here... Maybe the grandma can do her "Happy Dance" for all of us to see!!!  

Miss you... Ellie
(sister to that guy named "Singe" ... something or another..)

May 7, 2006 at 10:23 PM  
Anonymous princesssaurora said...

Yay!  Almost Gabe time!  Yay!!!

be safe and be well,

May 8, 2006 at 8:34 PM  
Anonymous hestiahomeschool said...

Oh, Gabe, I am so happy for your family that you will be home soon. I know your momma wants all her oompha loomphas under one roof for a blessed while!

May 8, 2006 at 10:26 PM  

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