Tuesday, August 8, 2006


Dear Gabe,

Summer is just about over, and I am so ready for school to start back up.  Actually its been a good summer.  We didn't get to do near as much as we did last year, but thats okay, because Art and Becca have band camp which ties them up from 9 to 4:30 every week day.  Those poor kids are so tired every day after practise.

Well darn, I'd hoped we'd be planning a birthday party for you, complete with your favorite beer, what is it?  Rolling Turd?  Oops, sorry, Rolling Rock....  (tastes just like water if you ask me).  Well, how about celebrating MY birthday instead?  That would be uber cool! 

Big Red is sick.  She's making all kinds of noise when I drive.  Dad says its just the brakes, but I think there's something else wrong as well, he just can't hear over the noise of my squeaky brakes.  I don't know... I think I'm ready to turn over the keys in favor of a smaller car.  After that one accident I had backing into that car I've been almost afraid to drive.  Big Red feels too big now.  And I hate driving the Hemi, its even bigger.  Too bad the Bonneville is dead.  Grrrrrrrr!

Henry the Goldfish is mad at us.  Becca still hasn't cleaned out the aquarium so he's still in the big pot.  He glares at me everytime I walk by.  I think he'd spit on me if he could.  Poor thing.  Can you imagine living in a pot, never knowing if and when someone might throw you on the stove and cook you as you swim?  I keep thinking of your dad when he was a kid, frying his sister's goldfish in a skillet so he could eat them!  Hahahaha!

Well, I guess I better get the trash out before the garbage man gets here.  I hate having to face them, I always feel guilty about having too much trash, or stinky trash.  Sure don't envy them and their job.  I hope they get paid well.

Be safe son.  Keep your head down, watch your back, and your buddies' backs.  Don't forget to pray, and we'll say some extras for you as always,

Love Mom~


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